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Hai there to you all nice people,

I just thought about this:

Does anybody know what fragrance david uses? Maybe somebody who was on the stage with him smelled it..!

And this:

When David would bring a fragrance on the market; Original "David Copperfield fragrance", how do you guys think it should smell?

And : How should the perfume bottle look like?????

I am very interested in your ideas and thoughts, please respond and let everybody know what you think about the David C. fragrance!!!


P.s.: "cloud nine" and "mawolf", your chatnames are great, very funny! How did you find them, I really smile everytime a bit when I see your funny names on the screen.



Cloud Nine

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Hi Marjolein:

Thanks for liking my message board nickname. It's my real nickname too because people feel like they are in heaven whenever they are around me. LOL Actually, Cloud Nine is a positive affirmation of where I want to be and who I want to be with.

As long as we are not organizing a massive smelling expedition by all DC fans to hunt David down and bodily sniff him...(we aren't, are we?) I can go along with this. David takes enough showers as it is without us giving him a complex. LOL I think David's fragrance should have a clean smell, like fragranced soap.
The bottle could be totally black because black is David's favourite colour. David's magical motto is 'Leave every mystery unexplained.' The frangrance could be called 'Mystery' but not have any markings or words on the bottle. Then, the contents would be a 'mystery'. Or maybe the name on the bottle, 'Mystery' could appear and disappear depending on the angle you are looking from or how full the bottle is, like a magic trick in a bottle.

Cloud Nine




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Hai Cloud nine,

You gave, like the other reactions, a nice response, and got some humor too. If you want to chat some more in such a kind of way, I would like to.

You can send an email to:

Just because you sound interesting to chat with and I am interested why other people feel when they're with you, as like 'in heaven'. You must be a person that lives in a positive way, that other people like to be around, and I recognize that.

And when you're not open for chatting, oke and no problem.




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what an interesting idea. i don't know what fragrance he uses, though i think he has no need for it because he takes all those showers so he naturally smells good :o) But, if he did use a fragrance, i think it would smell crisp and green, not heavy like musk. Ew. I don't l ike musk. The crisp green scent would smell lovely on him i suppose. And since it is a crisp green scent (gosh, i don't know how else to describe it), women could also wear it too so they could have David with them all day. :o) I like the sound of that. Though I am thinking of a unisex fragrance, i don't want it to smell like cK one! Sorry for those of you who like it :o) Oh, and the bottle? I think it should be in a clear bluish glass bottle in the shape of his Harley and embossed on the license plate would be D.C. Maybe the bottle would be impractical to use but is sure is an interesting thought. I would buy it! :o) This fragrance thing is a great idea. Because we've seen David, heard him, some were lucky enough to get to "touch" him (hopefully i'll be that lucky one day) but we never got to smell him. And smell (fragrance) literally stays with you, not like a memory where all you have is just that. In saying all this, I think this DC cologne should be aimed more towards women, since we all want a piece of David!! :o)



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I was one time on stage and met David 3 times backstage.
But I haven't smell any fragrance at him.

But if he would create a fragrance, I would say it must be an exotic one, and the bottle....may be a "flying David"...LOL

Claudia @--->---



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My user name is not meant to be funny. It IS
my name.
(first initial,second initial,last name)
I don't think that is to hard to comprehend.




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I agree with EdwinJ.

Maureen, your response is a little harsh to say the least. All she was saying was that she liked your name and that it makes her smile - where's the harm in that? I'd hate to see your response had she said she hates your name.

Don't be so defensive.

Have a nice day!





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my response would have been the same.




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Mawolf, how rude can you get?? she says she likes your name and you smash her down for it?? you need to quit PMS'ing and start being nice. I swear, like 90% of the people on this message board need to pull whatever's in there butt out. you guys are NOT better than anyone!! grr!!




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I was NOT smashing her down for it. You can take
what she wrote more than one way. All I was trying to say
is that, what I write is signed with my given name. (for some reason she must think WOLF is funny. It was her word)




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Hai "mawolf",

I am Dutch originally, and after living here in the US for 3 months, I often still tend to read in the Dutch way;
"mawolf" in Dutch, would be in English "mom (mother)wolf".., I read it in the Dutch meaning. You're right, it's easy to comprehend.

That my mind was silly to read it like that, I think it liked it to read your name in a funny way.

I am still interested in your idea about David's fragrance.





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I have gotten a hug from David back in 1995. Like
Claudia, I did not smell any fragrance on him.
Also, I avoid any perfume,or the like because
I have allergies.
The idea of the bottle being the shape of David
flying is a good one.
Hope this helps.




"DC Fragrence Line" , posted Fri 7 Jul 12:21user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

Well, I have never smelled David, or been close enough to, but I think if he cam out with a fragrence to represent himself it would have to be exotic, yet soft in a way. Another idea... If he came out with a David Copperfield fragrence line he could have more than one fragrence, OR one fragrence with a variety of bottles. They would all be inspired by his illusions. For example, one could be shaped as him flying, and another could be the statue of liberty, and another like the Harley. There are so many things to represent David the bottles could take any shape! What do you think?





"Re(1):DC Fragrence Line" , posted Fri 7 Jul 18:04user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

O.k. now that we got all those interesting feeling across, I think everyone should just be more layed back and enjoy themselves. We all have at least one thing in common, We all share an interest in D.C. ( I hope!) Now let's take advantage of the net to share our interests. I'm sure you will all agree that before the msg. board came up we all were in love with D.C. but could'nt really share our interests with anyone that had that particular obsession. Maybe we should try to arrange some D.C. fan get together where we can talk in person and share some D.C. memrobilia of some sort. Just a cool thought. Anyway back to the cologne issue I had the chance to meet with David on many occasions and I won't tell you for sure, but I think I smelled something to the extent of Versace Blue Jeans on him. Don't quote me on that but I vaguely remember somethimg like that. And yet it only enhances my theory of David's obsession with Versace!

Your friend in magic




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That's a good point Iamaze, to chat more personal about him, but how? Maybe other D.C. fans like it too, to meet some time? Can be FUN!

Ariel24: My idea about his fragrance:

I met him when he took me on the stage but didn't smell a fragrance, exept one time, something very light, what probably only a thought of me was.

I would imagine a kind of fragrance like this: very light but intruiging and passionate, masculine,.. warm and cold at the same time.., a bit sweet but also adventurous, and then still mysterious, a 'free' and 'wild' kind of fragrance. It would be hard to make this kind of fragrance I think!

The bottle could look like him, holding a woman, with a scarf around them... it could be packed in a paper box as the elevator looks like.

That's just my idea, thanks a lot everybody for the reactions!!!